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Thank you for considering our hotel for your holiday or your rest visit. Do not forget that our rates do not include hotel taxes or transfers to the hotel. Arriving at our hotel in very easy and if required, we can manage the logistics for your transfer.

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Hotel Termales El Batán

According to the Sustainability Policy El Batán Hot Spring Hotel adheres to the following legislation:

679 Law of 2011. About Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), to which we adhere by a code of conduct, where we refuse to offer programs to promote tourism, provide information, and prevent the entry of children in order to avoid child abuse and take steps to prevent CSEC, for this reason it is required by law to present the identification of all children who attend the Hotel and if they do not come with parents, is mandatory to have the necessary permissions.

El Batan Hot Spring Hotel is committed to enforcing the law in all matters relating to the protection of Cultural and Natural heritage (animal, vegetable, mineral, paleontological).

El Batán Hot Spring Hotel
Vereda la Vega, Cuítiva
Boyacá, Colombia

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