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We are committed to protecting the environment. For this reason is why we created the sustainability policy directed towards saving electricity and water consumption; proper waste management, and selection of sustainable suppliers, protection of natural and cultural heritage and prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents; all this linked to the personal growth of the people who works here. We count on your support.


We are committed to implementing actions to achieve compliance with all sustainability standards in the Environmental, Cultural and Socio-Economic areas. We have written the Sustainability Policy of El Batán Hot Spring Hotel, to which we have adhered since September 2015.


Caring for our natural and cultural heritage is fundamental as a commitment to the environment and our region. This implies responsible tourism, respectful of the environment and the ancestral and emerging cultural traditions of the region. Because to cause damage against the Natural (flora and fauna) and cultural heritage is a crime: Ley 17 de 1981; Ley 599 de 2000; Ley 611 de 2000; Resolución 0572 de 2005; Decreto 4688 de 2005; Ley 397 de 1997; Decreto 833 de 2002; Decreto 763, 2941 de 2009; 1100 de 2014.


We are committed to saving energy and water resources; we have processes designed in all our areas. The active participation of all our users is essential.



The prevention of Environmental, Visual and Hearing pollution is in accordance with our vocation to guarantee an adequate rest of our users, and a significant reduction of the impact on the native species and with the environment of the planet, decreasing additionally emissions of greenhouse gases and Ozone Layer Depleting Substances.


At our facilities and outside of them, we are committed to the selection, classification and final disposal of waste generated. In this task we rely on the collaboration of our users with a clean and sustainable environment.


We have been engaged for many years in research processes. We have worked with several leading universities in the country, researching the environmental impact in the River Tota, and very soon we will be doing research about the specific therapeutic possibilities of our waters.